Why the donut? Dunkin Donuts, one of the largest donut chains in the country, had its humble beginnings in New England, right where Shakir Multimedia was founded in 1986. During our start, we held business meetings at various Dunkin Donuts locations across New England and the Greater Boston areas until we were able to secure our own location. As you may already know, the iconic Dunkin' Donuts has changed their moniker, dropping 'Donuts' from the name and going simply by 'Dunkin.'  Because the brand means so much to us, we've decided to use some delicious donuts throughout our pages in paying homage to a truly exceptional corporation. Follow and hashtag #rememberthedonut on your social pages. And if you can't remember our company's name, just remember the donut.

Shakir Multimedia offers strategic marketing services to help small and mid-size business grow to their greatest potential. Nightclubs, concert promoters, hair salons, and radio stations rely on our services to thrive in their respective industries. Year after year, our nontraditional marketing strategies beat the competitors. With a history of firsts, let us be the first to show your company how to win.

We were first to introduce Hiphop inspired radio advertisements, and the first to create the now famous Instagram voiceovers. Competitors get many of their ideas from our out-of-the-box creativity and unorthodox marketing strategies. Our founder is a 6-time RIAA award-winning music producer, with Gold and Platinum song credits. We believe in your company's vision. Our mission is simple and clear: Getting business for your business is our business. It's our business. Let's talk business.


Since 1986, marketing has been a cornerstone of our business and we have always worked hard to give our clients marketing that increases their bottom line.

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From consulting services, to business plans, and corporate registration, to entrepreneur and startup establishment, we turn your ideas into reality.

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Public Relations

We get your business the media coverage you need to increase the success of your company's visibility in the press and search engines.

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Web & Design

Our website development and design services will give your brand the aesthetics of the big brands and put your business ahead of your competitors

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Social Media

The force of Social Media is incredible and necessary for your company's marketing strategy. Our social media strategies lead to results.

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Sooner or later, you will need a radio commercial to promote your company, product or event. We create and produce voiceovers and radio imaging.

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